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Service Terms and Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

 The purpose of these terms and conditions is to specify the rights, obligations, responsibilities, and other necessary matters between Imaginarius Corporation (hereafter referred to as "the Company") and the users in relation to the use of the "Paraverse" service provided to the users.

Article 2 (Definitions)

The definitions of the terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows:

  1. "Paraverse" or "Service" refers to all services provided to members through the company's website ( and mobile applications and other platforms operated by the company (hereafter referred to as "Platform").

  2. "User" refers to both members and non-members who access the platform and use the services provided by the company.

  3. "Member" refers to a person who has agreed to these terms and conditions and has completed the membership registration process on the platform.

  4. "Non-member" refers to a user who uses the service without registering as a member.

  5. "Affiliate" refers to an external company that provides goods or services to members through an alliance with the company.

  6. "Account (ID)" refers to a combination of characters, numbers, or special characters selected by the member and assigned by the company for the identification and use of the service.

  7. "Password" refers to a combination of characters, numbers, or special characters set by the member themselves to verify their membership and protect their information and rights.

  8. "Account Information" collectively refers to the member's account (ID), password, name, and other general information provided to the company, as well as information generated through the use of the service.

  9. "Points" refer to service data accumulated in the system when a member completes certain actions.


Article 3 (Declaration and Amendment of Terms and Conditions)

  1. The company announces these terms and conditions to the users by posting them on the platform or providing a linked screen so that the users can easily know them. [URL:]

  2. The company may amend these terms and conditions within the scope not violating the 「Regulation of Terms Act」 and related laws.

  3. When amending the terms, the company specifies the application date, amendment content, reasons for the amendment, etc., and announces them through the initial screen or a screen connected to the initial screen from at least seven days before the application date to a significant period after the expiry of the application date (in case of changes disadvantageous to the users or major matters, 30 days before).

  4. Principally, when amending the terms, the company confirms the users' consent to the application of the amended terms after the announcement of the amended terms. However, if the company announces at the same time that it will consider the failure of the users to express their consent or refusal as acceptance, the company will consider the non-expression of refusal by the users as consent to the amended terms by the enforcement date of the terms.

  5. If users do not agree to the application of the amended terms, they may terminate the service contract with the company and stop using the service.

  6. The company can establish and operate separate operational policies for providing and operating the service, in which case the company applies the operational policies after prior announcement, and these policies apply to all users who have agreed to these terms and conditions.

  7. Matters not specified in these terms and conditions or interpretation issues are governed by separate operational policies, related laws, or commercial practices. Also, if the content of these terms and conditions conflicts with the content of separate operational policies, the content of the separate operational policies takes precedence in terms of effectiveness.


Article 4 (Membership Registration)

  1. A person who wishes to become a member must agree to the content of the terms and conditions and apply for use by completing the form provided on the membership registration page on the platform.

  2. The company may request real-name verification and personal authentication and other necessary information from the person wishing to become a member, following related laws.

  3. The person wishing to become a member must provide truthful information for the information items required at the time of application for use in clause 1. If real name or information is falsely provided or another person's name is used, they cannot claim the rights of a member under these terms, and the company can cancel or terminate the service use contract without separate measures.

  4. Membership registration is established by the member's consent to the terms and the company's acceptance of the member's application for use. Consent to these terms is expressed by selecting consent to the company's terms of use at the time of application or through other consent buttons or signatures.


Article 5 (Acceptance and Limitation of Application for Use)

  1. If a person who wishes to become a member has properly applied for use in accordance with Article 4, the company will accept it without any significant reason.

  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, the company may not accept an application for use if it falls under any of the following:
    2.1. Individuals under the age of 14 (Individuals under the age of 19 must submit a consent form from their legal guardian, except for cases recognized as adults according to Article 826-2 of the Civil Code. However, there may be specific age restrictions for certain platform services by country.)
    2.2. In cases where the application for use is in violation of Article 4
    2.3. Individuals with a history of being restricted from use due to their own responsibilities applying for use
    2.4. In cases where the application for use is for the purpose of conducting illegal activities prohibited by law
    2.5. In cases where the application for use is for the purpose of harming the company's interests
    2.6. In cases where an individual who has previously lost their membership status attempts to re-join without obtaining the company's consent for re-admission
    2.7. In other cases deemed inappropriate for acceptance due to reasons similar to 1 to 6 above

  3. The company may withhold acceptance in the following cases until the reason is resolved:
    3.1. In cases where there is a lack of service-related overall capacity or lack of facilities at the company
    3.2. In cases of technical failure
    3.3. In other cases where it is difficult to accept the application for use due to reasons similar to the above

  4. If the company accepts the application for use from a member, as long as the member does not violate these terms and related laws, it is considered that a valid service use contract has been established between the member and the company.


Article 6 (Member Account (ID) and Password)

  1. The company assigns an account (ID) necessary for using the service to the member.

  2. The company has the authority to perform all member management tasks, such as determining the eligibility for service use through account information, and may request or change the member's account (ID) and password for the following reasons:

    2.1. If the member's account (ID) is registered with the member's email, phone number, etc., and there is a concern for privacy infringement

    2.2. If the application is made for the purpose of causing aversion to others or harming public morals

    2.3. If it is necessary to change for the purpose of security and account (ID) policy, smooth service provision, etc.

    2.4. In other cases deemed necessary by the company

  3. Members must manage their account information with the duty of care of a good manager. The member is responsible for any damage arising from negligent management of their account information or consenting to its use by a third party, and the company bears no related responsibility unless the company has intentional or negligent fault.

  4. The responsibility for managing the password lies with the member, and the member can change the password at any time if they wish.

  5. Members should change their password regularly.

  6. If a member recognizes that their account information has been stolen or is being used by a third party, they must immediately notify the company and follow the company's guidance. If the member fails to notify the company upon recognition or does not follow the company's guidance after notification, the company is not responsible for any resulting damage, unless there is intentional or negligent fault on the part of the company.


Article 7 (Provision and Change of Member Information)

  1. When members are required to provide information to the company under these terms, they must provide truthful information, and they cannot be protected from disadvantages resulting from providing false information.

  2. Members can view and modify their personal information through the platform. However, modifications may be restricted for information necessary for service management, such as real name and account (ID). In such cases, re-registration with a new account (ID) is required.

  3. If the information provided to the company by the member changes, the member must modify it online without delay or notify the company of the change if it cannot be modified by the member themselves.

  4. The company is not responsible for any disadvantages arising from the member's failure to modify the information as per paragraph 2 or notify the company as per paragraph 3, and the responsibility for problems arising from not making the modification lies with the member.


Article 8 (Protection and Management of Personal Information)

  1. The company strives to protect users' personal information, including account information, in accordance with related laws. The protection and use of users' personal information are subject to related laws and the personal information processing policy separately announced by the company.

  2. The company must equip a security system to ensure the safe use of the service by protecting personal information and credit information, and it publicizes and complies with the personal information processing policy. Except in cases specified in related laws, these terms, and the personal information processing policy, the company does not disclose or provide users' personal information to third parties.

  3. The company bears no responsibility for all personal information and confidential information of others exposed due to the user's fault.

  4. When expanding or adding services, the company can transfer users' personal information and data and use the transferred personal information and data.


Article 9 (Company's Obligations)

  1. The company must faithfully exercise the rights and perform the duties stipulated in the related laws and these terms in good faith.

  2. The company must make the best effort to repair or restore without delay if there is a failure of facilities or loss of data during service improvement, unless there is an unavoidable reason such as natural disasters, emergency situations, or difficult technical defects. However, if there is a failure in the facilities of a cooperating company or data is lost due to the intention or negligence of a cooperating company, the company is exempted from liability unless there is intentional or gross negligence on the part of the company.

  3. The company bears responsibility for damages incurred by users due to the services provided by the company only if such damages arise from the company's intention or negligence, and the scope of responsibility is limited to ordinary damages.

  4. If the company recognizes that opinions or complaints raised by users are justified, it must promptly handle them. However, if prompt processing is difficult, the company must notify the user of the reason and the processing schedule.


Article 10 (User's Obligations)

  1. Users must not engage in the following acts (including acts equivalent to these):

    1.1. Abnormal system access

    1.1.1. Acts of intentionally or negligently installing or distributing malware, viruses, etc.

    1.1.2. Acts of modifying, unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or otherwise processing through any form of processing to duplicate, disassemble, or mimic other parts of the program or service provided by the company

    1.2. Abnormal service use

    1.2.1. Acts of using the output of the services provided by the company for illegal purposes

    1.2.2. Acts of using the service for profit, business, advertising, political activities, etc., without the company's consent

    1.2.3. Acts of registering as a member with information that does not match actual information or using someone else's information

    1.2.4. Acts of operating with multiple accounts

    1.2.5. Acts of intentionally withdrawing/re-registering accounts to delete unfavorable information

    1.3. Acts of entering false or exaggerated information

    1.4. Violation of public order

    1.4.1. Acts of discriminating against or fostering prejudice based on gender, politics, religion, disability, age, social status, race, region, occupation, etc.

    1.4.2. Acts of discriminating against or defaming the company, other users, or third parties, or damaging their reputation

    1.4.3. Acts of swearing, abusive language, threats, etc., against the company, other users, or third parties

    1.4.4. Acts of posting information that describes excessive body exposure or obscene acts, sharing information related to prostitution, or posting content that can cause sexual shame or discomfort to others, and registering information on the platform that is contrary to public morals

    1.4.5. Acts of posting repulsive photos or content, using profanity, slang, or jargon, and engaging in abnormal activities that are contrary to social norms

    1.5. Infringement of others' rights

    1.5.1. Acts of infringing or likely to infringe on the company, other users, or third parties' patent rights, trademark rights, copyright, etc.

    1.5.2. Acts of infringing on others' personal information

    1.5.3. All acts likely to infringe on others' rights, such as using web hacking programs, macro programs, phishing sites for voice phishing, etc.

    1.6. Acts of trading, transferring, proxying, exchanging accounts, selling, transferring, leasing accounts to others, allowing their use, attempting such acts, and brokering such acts

    1.7. Acts of impersonating other users, third parties, or company employees

    1.8. Other

    1.8.1. Acts of unauthorizedly changing information posted by the company

    1.8.2. Acts of circulating false information for the purpose of providing financial benefits to oneself or others or causing harm to others

    1.8.3. All other acts prohibited by related laws or not permitted by sound social customs or having a negative impact on the smooth provision of services

  2. Users must check and comply with the provisions of these terms, usage instructions, cautionary notes announced in relation to the service, and matters notified by the company.


Article 11 (Sanctions for Violation of User's Obligations)

  1. If a user violates the obligations under Article 10, the company can impose the following sanctions on the user according to the importance of the case and the damage incurred by the company, other users, and third parties:

    1.1. Written warning

    The company can issue a written warning (including email and other contact methods provided by the user to the company) to the user who violated the obligations under Article 10, specifying the content and timing of the violation.

    1.2. Restriction of use

    The company can restrict or suspend the use of the service and login for a certain period. In this case, the company can prohibit the access of the relevant user and arbitrarily delete all or part of the content posted by the user.

    1.3. Permanent suspension

    The company can permanently suspend the account of a member, and in the case of non-members, permanently restrict or suspend the use of the service.

  2. The company notifies the users subject to sanctions for violating the obligations under Article 10 of the content of the sanctions through email, etc.


Article 12 (Service Provision)

  1. The company can provide the following services to users through the platform. Some services may be restricted for non-members:

    1.1. Treasure Box: The company provides members with advertising images, text, sound, links, etc.

    1.2. Point Accumulation Service: The company credits points to members who complete the point accumulation actions guided through the platform. The main routes for providing point accumulation to members by the company are announced separately within the platform, including the probability and selection method related to point accumulation.

    1.3. Use of Affiliate Content: Members can use or purchase the content provided by the company using the points accumulated, etc. The content of affiliate content may change according to the consultation situation with the affiliate. The usage and purchase amount of affiliate content are calculated considering the supply amount from the affiliate, payment fees, operating costs, etc., so it may differ from the original selling price. In the case of affiliate content used on-site, such as coffee, convenience stores, etc., it is considered that the company has legally completed its obligation by transmitting the corresponding barcode to the member's mobile device.

    1.4. Other services determined by the company

  2. The company bears no responsibility for the goods or services provided by the affiliate.

  3. The company can guide the usage procedures and methods of the service, and other detailed contents of the service through the service's notice board, initial screen, platform, etc., and members must carefully check them before using the service.

  4. Due to the characteristics of targeted advertising services, the company can differently set the range of members who can use certain services according to the requirements of advertisers or for compliance with related regulations.

  5. The company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by users in relation to the use of free services provided by the company.


Article 13 (Conditions for Using Paid Services, etc.)

  1. The company can provide all or part of the services for a fee, and in providing such paid services, within the scope permitted by related laws, the company can set conditions for use such as service fees or usage period according to the company's policy. These conditions for using paid services are specified in the detailed usage policy for each paid service or individual contracts, or posted on each paid service payment screen and notified to users.

  2. Users pay the company the money related to the use of the service according to the method determined by the company (including account transfer, credit card, other automatic payment methods determined by the company).

  3. The company announces the specific conditions related to the paid services under this article in the detailed usage instructions for each paid service or individual contracts, or posts them on each paid service payment screen and notifies users.


Article 14 (Correction, Cancellation, and Expiration of Points)

  1. If an error occurs in point accumulation, the member can request a correction to the company within 30 days from the date of the error occurrence, and the company must correct it within 30 days from the date of the legitimate request if confirmed.

  2. In the process of transactions between the company and advertisers, if the payment of advertising fees becomes impossible due to the bankruptcy or insolvency of the advertiser, the company can cancel the points accumulated for the relevant advertisement, and the responsibility lies with the advertiser. In this case, the company can provide compensation points within the range of 10% or less of the canceled points to the member.

  3. Points not used within 12 months from the date of accumulation may expire in order.

  4. Points of a member who has been in an inactive state with no point accumulation or usage for more than 60 days may expire.


Article 15 (Withdrawal of Subscription and Termination of Paid Services)

  1. Members can withdraw their subscription to the paid service use contract (hereinafter referred to as "subscription withdrawal") within 7 days from the date of paying the paid service usage fee, according to the related laws and usage policy. However, subscription withdrawal is limited if the paid service use has started.

  2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, members can at any time terminate the paid service for a certain usage period and request a refund (hereinafter referred to as "termination of paid service"). In this case, the company refunds the remaining balance after deducting the consumer provided price (hereinafter referred to as "actual usage amount") of goods or services actually provided to the member until the termination date of the paid service from the total paid service usage fee for the corresponding month (referring to the period from the start date of paid service usage in the corresponding month to the expiration date of the usage period; hereinafter referred to as the same in this paragraph). No refund is made if the actual usage amount exceeds the paid service usage fee paid by the member.

  3. When a refund reason occurs due to the withdrawal of subscription or termination of paid service as per paragraph 2, it is processed within 7 business days through account refund or credit card payment cancellation. Cancellation of payment is only possible through the cancellation of the used payment method.

  4. The company announces the refund policy that can be applied on the paid service introduction screen. The member's request for termination of paid service may be limited according to the refund policy.

  5. The company complies with the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Consumer Basic Act, and Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards in relation to withdrawal of subscription and termination of paid services.

  6. However, the new type of gift certificates acquired during the use of the service are provided for free, and goods and services provided in the form of new type gift certificates are not refundable.


Article 16 (Change and Modification of Service Contents)

 The company can modify or change the contents of the service according to operational or technical needs, and in this case, the changes are announced on the platform. The company bears no responsibility to users or third parties for this.


Article 17 (Provision, Suspension, etc., of Service)

  1. The company can start providing some services from a specific point in time if necessary. In such cases, the company announces this in advance or post-factum. The company can provide some services only to specific members if necessary. The company can divide the service into certain ranges and set separate available times for each range. In this case, the content is announced on the site in advance or post-factum or notified to users.

  2. The principle is to provide the service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  3. Despite paragraph 2, the service may not be provided for a certain period under any of the following circumstances, and the company has no obligation to provide the service during that time:

    3.1. In cases where maintenance checks, replacements, regular inspections, or modifications of service-related equipment are necessary

    3.2. In cases of electronic intrusion accidents such as hacking, communication accidents, abnormal service use behavior by users, response to unforeseen service instability, etc.

    3.3. In cases where service provision is prohibited at certain times or in certain ways by related laws

    3.4. In cases where normal service provision is impossible due to natural disasters, national emergencies, power outages, failures of service facilities, or a surge in service use, etc.

    3.5. In cases of division, merger, business transfer, cessation of business, or if the service becomes unprofitable due to the company's significant business needs

  4. In the cases mentioned in paragraph 3, the company announces the fact to users on the individual service initial screen or platform at least one week in advance, and the company bears no responsibility for the users not being aware of the announcement content during this period. If there are unavoidable circumstances (urgent system maintenance, expansion, replacement, absence of intent or negligence by system administrators, disk failure, system down, circumstances due to third parties such as telecommunication companies, long-term communication business operators, etc. making service provision impossible), the announcement can be made immediately after the circumstances are resolved.

  5. The company can suspend the provision of services to dormant members for more than 1 year after announcing through individual contact such as email or public announcements and after a notification period of 1 week.

  6. During the service suspension period mentioned in this article, information stored or transmitted by the service may not be stored or deleted, untransmitted, or other communication data losses may occur, so users must separately store important information and check the existence of such information, etc., after the service suspension period. The company bears no responsibility for this unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the company.

  7. If the company needs to permanently discontinue the service due to the company's circumstances, paragraph 4 is applied, but in this case, the pre-announcement period is set to 1 month.


Article 18 (Intellectual Property Rights)

  1. The intellectual property rights, ownership rights, and all other rights related to the service and related software provided by the company (including design, code, etc.), data, information, and all other outputs generated during the provision of the service (including service usage information such as users' keyword search history, but not limited to this) belong to the company. The company can utilize the above outputs for service improvement and other business purposes of the company within the scope permitted by related laws.

  2. The rights to the service and the program, including intellectual property rights, are not transferred from the company to the user due to the use of the service or installation of the program, etc., and the license granted according to these terms of use does not imply the transfer or sale of ownership or intellectual property rights to the service.

  3. The company does not grant or guarantee any rights or licenses to the company's content to users. If a user uses the company's content beyond the scope permitted by the Copyright Act and other related laws, or publishes, performs, transmits to the public, displays, distributes, rents, etc., the responsibility lies entirely with the user.

  4. Users must use the service within the scope and method allowed by the company and must not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties in violation of this. In this case, the responsibility for infringement of third parties' rights lies entirely with the user, and the company bears no responsibility related to this.


Article 19 (Information Provision and Advertisement Placement)

  1. The company can provide various information and advertisements considered necessary during the service use to users for their convenience through methods such as banner placement, email, postal mail, mobile phone text messages, phone calls, etc. Users can refuse to receive them according to the method provided by the company if they do not wish to receive them.

  2. Even users who have refused to receive as per the proviso of the previous paragraph must be provided with information through the methods of the previous paragraph on matters that users must know, such as changes to the terms of use, privacy policy, and other important matters that may affect the interests of users.

  3. Various forms of advertisements, including banners and links, may be included on the platform where the service is provided, and these may be connected to pages provided by third parties.

  4. If connected to a page provided by a third party as per paragraph 3, such a page is not within the service area of the company, so the company does not guarantee its reliability, stability, etc., and the company bears no responsibility for damages to users.

  5. The company bears no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from users participating in promotional activities with third parties through the service or as a result of correspondence or transactions, unless there are special provisions in related laws or due to the company's intent or gross negligence.


Article 20 (Member's Termination)

 Members can terminate the service use contract with the company (hereinafter referred to as "member withdrawal"). When a member applies for member withdrawal, the company can verify whether it is the member's own application, and the company takes measures according to the member's application after confirmation.


Article 21 (Company's Termination)

  1. If a user violates these terms or falls under any of the following cases, the company can set a period of 10 days for the user to correct the violation and terminate the service use contract if not corrected during that period. However, if the user violates current laws or intentionally or negligently causes damage to the company, the company can terminate the service use contract without prior notice.

    1.1. If it is proven that the data provided by the user, such as mobile phone number theft, is false

    1.2. In cases related to criminal activities

    1.3. If the service use is planned or executed for the purpose of harming national or public interest

    1.4. If someone else's service ID and password are stolen

    1.5. If the reputation of others is damaged or disadvantages are caused

    1.6. If the same user registers multiple IDs

    1.7. If the service is used in a way that harms the sound use of the service

    1.8. In other cases that violate related laws or the company's conditions for use

  2. If the contract is terminated according to paragraph 1, all services provided to the user are suspended.


Article 22 (Prohibition of Transfer)

Users cannot transfer or gift the right to use the service, the service contract between the company and the user, or other rights under the use contract to others, nor can they offer them as collateral.


Article 23 (Exemption)

  1. The company is exempted in the following cases:

    1.1. In cases where service cannot be provided due to war, conflict, natural disaster, national emergency, unavoidable technical defects, or other force majeure reasons

    1.2. In cases where the service is suspended, there are usage obstacles, or the service use contract is terminated due to the user's fault

    1.3. In cases where telecommunication service providers stop or do not properly provide electronic communication services

    1.4. In cases where service is suspended or there are obstacles due to maintenance, replacement, regular inspection of service equipment, or other unavoidable reasons

    1.5. In cases arising from the user's computer environment or problems arising from the network environment without the company's intent or gross negligence

    1.6. In cases where service provision is suspended or there are obstacles due to facility failures of cooperating companies or reasons related to cooperating companies

    1.7. In cases where disputes arise between users or between users and third parties mediated by the service without the company's intent or gross negligence

    1.8. In cases where damages occur due to device errors of users or due to inaccurately or not provided personal information and email addresses

    1.9. In cases where service cannot be provided due to related laws, government policies, etc.

  2. If a user's illegal act or act in violation of these terms causes damage to the company or results in criminal punishment or sanctions from administrative agencies, the user must indemnify the damage at their own expense (including but not limited to damages, litigation costs, attorney fees) and exempt the company.

  3. Apart from this, the company does not make any specific agreements or guarantees about any specific matters not specified in these terms of use within the limits allowed by law.


Article 24 (Compensation for Damages)

The company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred by users in relation to the service, except for damages caused by the company's intent or gross negligence.


Article 25 (Jurisdiction)

In case of disputes arising between the company and users related to the provision of the company's services, the company and users must make all necessary efforts to resolve the dispute amicably. If a lawsuit is filed regarding the dispute, the court with jurisdiction over the address of the party is designated as the competent court.


These terms are effective from April 12, 2024.

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